Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Uncle B and Aunt Angela

My cute sister-in-law Angela and my younger brother Brian bestowed their presence upon us in June. The last time they were here our small children were mere babies. It was good practice to hold our bitty ones back then because now they are expecting their first little guy in November. One evening we had a picnic dinner in the Garden of the God's Uncle B was a bit excited about his idea of feeding the horses in our neighborhood. He asked the owners permission and 20 pounds of carrots later...


  1. Yummy carrots!!! Looks like a fun visit from Uncle B and Aunt A ... your kids have the best smiles!

  2. I am so glad that Angela and Brian could come for a visit and you were able to share some good times together. It is all about family!
    The pictures of the kiddos are precious as always! I miss them, terribly!
    Love, Mom
    I am sure that you are surprised
    that I wrote a comment? LOL