Thursday, July 9, 2009

100th Post

This entry marks the 100th post on this blog.

While I kicked and screamed for over a year about starting a blog, I finally succumbed to the peer pressure of my good friend Carrie. And now, thanks to her I have this here blog.

Thank you to all of you readers who click on our blog address! I'm curious to know who's lurking out there so if you haven't ever left a comment please do so.(clematis flower in my back yard)


  1. Yeah for the 100th post! I always look forward to your Thursday posts and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing those kiddos of yours!

  2. Hi Daughter: When I start missing the kiddos, I have to go to your blog and see those precious pictures!
    It sounds like you are having a fun summer and looking forward to our visit soon. Miss you!
    Love you bunches, MOM