Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blessed by the Body

Lately I have become more aware of how we have been blessed by the Body. Sometimes in the hurriedness of everyday life I take for granted the acts of kindness and love that we recieve from our brothers and sisters in Christ. This past month our family rotated sickness for about 3-4 weeks - it was less than enjoyable, truly it was pitiful. But, in the midst of fevers, runny noses, and endless coughs God showed up. He showed up in the friends and family who came over to help us with the babies (specifically the 24 hours I was bedridden with flu). He showed up in the people who brought us meals (this is a pic of the yummy Sushi that the Oh's made for us). He showed up in the people who encouraged and prayed for us. And, He showed up in Jeff and I as we served one another in the midst of being sick and tiered ourselves.
God is good and faithful. I am reminded that the Body of Christ is sweet.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was good. I got to spend some time playing with the kiddos, some time alone on a long walk, some time to read and garden, and some prime time with my hubby over an Italian dinner. The morning began as all Sunday morning's do - a bit hurried. Jeff left for church at 7am and I rushed around like usual wishing that I had arisen from bed 20 minutes earlier. Although I was running short on time I just had to attempt a photo of the tots before leaving for church. This was fairly amusing as every time I tried to get the little people to stand together Caleb ran down the driveway.
Here's Carissa looking giving her brother a look - enough all ready, let's pose for the pic!
Despite her brother Carissa said "cheese" and gave a winning smile to melt my heart
My attempt at pictures sitting on the stairs. We know who the bossy one is - Carissa was pointing to the seat next to her telling Caleb to sit down!
Sunday Safari boy and sister gardening after an afternoon nap

Thursday, May 8, 2008

18 Month Milestone

*Today our little munchkins are 18 months old!*
(Carissa at the park - she loves to swing and to explore around her)

Carissa, being the older twin by a mere 30 seconds is a fun loving tot.
What she loves:
  • her brother - she gives him kisses and pats him lovingly on the back
  • to be held - she's a mama's girl, but if mama isn't around she'll find other arms to hold her
  • her pacifier - she calls it a 'sah', but only gets it during nap/bed time
  • her baby - she loves to carry her baby around and cradle her to 'rock-a-bye-baby'
  • shoes - she loves all shoes and she's learning how to put them on herself
  • being outside - probably influenced by her brother

What she's doing:

  • walking - finally!
  • speaking lots of words - too many to count!
  • saying animal sounds - moo, baa, ruff ruff, meow, fish face
  • pointing to familiar objects in books
  • identifying parts of the body
  • feeding herself with a fork/spoon
  • scribbling w/ crayons
  • going pee in the potty - sometimes
(Caleb at the park - he loves going down the slide)

Caleb, the younger sibling, is a ham.
What he loves:
  • his sister, he likes to give her hugss
  • books, books, books
  • being outside - it doesn't matter if he is racing down the driveway or sidewalk, playing in the backyard, at the park, whatever - if its outside he's happy
  • his pacifier, blankie, and musical giraffe at night night time
  • watching Sesame Street while sitting in his little chair
  • going bye-bye. Caleb stands at the door leading out to our garage and says 'bye bye' over and over and over...
  • to be in control - when he doesn't get his way everyone knows it. WAH!
What he's doing:
  • running
  • speaking quite a few words
  • making animal sounds - moo, meow, ruff ruff
  • pointing out familiar objects in books
  • able to climb in and out of chairs
  • identifying parts of the body
  • feeding himself with a fork/spoon
  • scribbling w/ crayons
  • wrecking our house - Caleb is constantly getting into something. He has learned how to open the kitchen pantry, every drawer in the house, you name it-he can get in to it

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Proud Pottier

We've got a Proud Pottier in the Kintner Clan! Today, at only 17 months old, Carissa peed in her new potty 4 times! This morning Daddy assembled the new potty chair that Nana bought Caleb and Carissa a couple of weeks ago. With curiosity Carissa wanted to try it out so Mommy sat her on the cushy seat and wah-lah a few minutes later she peed! Later she peed again, and again and again. Zip-A-Dee-Pee-Dah!