Wednesday, July 15, 2009

America the Beautiful Park

America the Beautiful Park is my new favorite park! The kids and I met up with my dear friend Carrie and her boys who were visiting here from AZ.Our reunion was sweet - a reunion that I had been looking forward to for over a year.

The park has a fabulous playground in addition to the spectacular Julie Penrose Fountain. Water flows down from the sculpture and collects at the bottom - perfect for little ones to splash and wade in.

(Caleb, Carissa, Joshua, Carrie, Eli)
After playing for awhile we had snacks. The watermelon and raisins I brought for the kids didn't cut it for Caleb and Carissa. Clearly the airplane crackers and the Welch's fruit snacks that Carrie brought were the snack of choice. Onlookers witnessed my severely deprived children malling Joshua and Eli for their fruit snacks. It was corn syrup envy at first bite! Embarrased (just a tad) I tried to restrain Caleb and encouraged the eating of our naturally sweet watermelon.
All smiles for a great play date.

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  1. Definitely my favorite park too! Tell Caleb I'll send him care packages just to make sure he gets his fill of HFC :) YUMMY!