Friday, January 21, 2011

Best of Advent 2010

Our Advent season overflowed in goodness, was rich in fellowship, and was full of anticipation, expectation and joy of the coming of the King.

Here I will highlight the 'Best of Advent' 2010:
  • I spent my birthday weekend with my mom in AZ. On my birthday my Aunt Melanie joined us for dinner and a concert by the a capella group Kings Singers. The next evening we celebrated duo birthday's with my sister in law and brother. My last night before departing home my dad treated my mom and I to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Our time together was significant. It is the only meal that I have had the pleasure of experiencing alongside both my mother and my father since my childhood.
  • Our 3rd annual Caroling party was another highlight. It was a sweet time of fellowship with friends old and new. In between caroling sets we shared stories. The awe and wonder of the Advent season filled the room. Several times my breath stopped at the raw beauty of the voices ringing around the piano. This yearly tradition is one that I hold close to my heart.
  • Enjoying our children sing songs to the King at church. Cuteness!
  • The joy I experienced Christmas Eve leading our church congregation in worship was overwhelming. My heart leaped out of my chest as I joined the masses in celebrating the coming of our King. The harmony of the congregation along with the band and string ensemble left me awe struck. Singing an 'Ave Maria' solo was serendipitous as it had a double meaning with my own mother present. An additional blessing was having my extended family in our midst.
  • In general, having mom and my brother's family at our home was a complete joy. More to come soon about our time together!
It's hard to believe how quickly Christmas came and went. While our Advent was overflowing in goodness, sometimes it felt too full.
Looking ahead it is our desire to be more intentional in celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. We desire to have family devotionals each day, to celebrate with friends and family, to keep gifts to a minimum and to continue to build family traditions in meaningful ways.
As you experience 2011 may you continue to dance with anticipation, expectation, hope and joy of our King.