Thursday, July 9, 2009


Caleb and Carissa have a new fascination with bugs.

Moth season was particularly dense this year due to extra rainfall. Much to my dismay Caleb and Carissa have become our resident moth catchers.They like to catch moths by hand and then take them outside while yelling "go outside moth!"

I did not, nor would not teach my children to catch moths.
But when Jeff was globetrotting earlier this summer a church friend introduced the tots to the 'joy of catching bugs', particularly moths. She didn't want our small children to fear bugs as much as her big children do now. Thanks Deanna!
Trying to nurture their affection for bugs (not) I bought the tots bug catchers. To my surprise (and joy) they are currently intrigued with catching ladybugs in our backyard. speed.
But if they start catching our native Garder snakes you'll definitely hear me screaming.


  1. Oh, that is adorable! They are so beautiful!

  2. How will totally be into collecting ladybugs. He'll be thrilled to find some that are still crawling and not floating in the pool :)