Thursday, September 18, 2008

What can happen in one day...

is mind boggling.

I woke up this morning expecting an average day in the Kintner household. I was hoping that Carissa's temp had returned to normal and that my plans for canning applesauce would not be disrupted by a sick child. I was hoping that during our morning errands the kids would sit quietly in the back seat singing songs and trading books back and forth. And surprisingly, they did. When my friends Julie and Stacy came over to make applesauce the little ones went down for naps like little angels.
I thought to myself, "This is turning out to be a great day!".

And then, I got the phone call.

It was my mom.

"Hello" I said. "Hi honey, do you have a minute?"
"Yeah, what's up?" (it had been less than 2 hours since we last talked)
She said, "I'm in the hospital"

At that moment my average day became not so average.
It turned upside down.

I began to weep while trying to listen and gather the basic information.
-In the Hospital, admitted yesterday by her hematologist
-White blood cell count is dangerously high
-Bone marrow test done last night
-More tests, more pokes, and hopefully a result by tomorrow.

The afternoon wore on. I was in shock.
My brain was trying to put the disjointed pieces together, replaying the conversation over and over -Trying not to jump to conclusions, not to think the worst. And thankful that my friends Julie and Stacy were at my house, of all things, to make applesauce.

The evening arrived, still no news. I called my brother and he said in a quiet voice "I'll need to call you back." I could hear other voices in the room and I had a gut feeling the hematologist, Dr. Verde was giving them news.

45 minutes later (about the longest 45 minutes of my life) my mom called.

The prognosis is not good.

She has been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.

Apparently if you have leukemia this is the kind that you want to have. However, it is progressing rapidly and Dr. Verde is treating it aggressively. She will start chemotherapy tomorrow. It is expected that mom will be in hospital during the induction phase of chemo for about one month. After this time period Dr. Verde will be able to get an idea of how her body is responding to the treatment and then go from there.

Our hope and prayer is for full remission and a good quality of life. I so want this for my mom and for me, Jeff, the kids and the rest of our family and friends.

IT IS truly mind boggling what can happen in one day. Today's news makes the little bumps in everyday life (traffic, sick kids, fighting, challenges with potty training, not enough time in the day, etc...) seem like no big deal. It's all about perspective isn't it?
It is my prayer that during this difficult time that we will all have an eternal perspective. That our eyes will be fixed on Him, the author and perfecter of our faith. That we will rely upon our Lord and Savior for all things and be watchful for how He works.

Life is precious. Please, with all sincerity, pray for my mom and our family.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So I think they can dance

Caleb and Carissa LOVE dancing to 'Farmer Tad' in the kitchen. I swear (thanks to Nana and Grandad) I've heard the 'Farmer Tad' music enough times to go batty but hey, the sacrifices we make as parents. When were in the kitchen the twins will replay the button on the 'Fridge Farm' in order to accompany their dance moves. This past month though, their dance moves have advanced from individual performers to partners. Carissa will say, 'hold my hands', 'dance with me' and will hold out her hands until Caleb gives in. I have tried to capture this partnering on video before but when they see me with the video camera they freeze frame and say "cheese". But now...for your viewing pleasure, I finally caught them in action and can share the cuteness with you. After I recorded them on camera they watched their playback about 20 times - not kidding, my children like repetition.

Monday, September 8, 2008

What I love...

(holding hands while crossing the street. its too cute)

Today Caleb and Carissa turn 22 months old. Its honestly hard to believe that they will blow out 2 candles in a matter of days. Where has the time gone?
Each day in the Kintner Clan brings new joys, new challenges, new words, new discoveries and new found independence. Each day I find that I love my little ones more and more. So, Caleb and Carissa, on your 22nd month of life I'm sharing some things, big and small, that I love about you. This post is for you.
-your cute voice and laugh
-your many hugs around the neck
-it when you say "get my neck", look up at me with your big blue eyes and wait for me to tickle your neck
-the way that you say 'again' in a high pitch with such excitement in your eyes
-when you say "I wanna say cheese" which means you want me to take a picture of you
-your hugs and kisses -that you love your brother "Cay-web". Every day after your nap you are so excited to see Caleb and play with him.
-that you love books
-that you are learning to 'clean-up'
-that you are all girl. That you are petite, beautiful and love shoes! I love how you want to pick out your shoes every morning and wear them immediately after waking up in the morning and from your nap.
-how you tell your brother what to do "lay down", "sit here"... (daughter like mother)
-it when you say "bye, see ya" while carrying your purple purse or makeshift bucket purse. Perhaps the bucket purse will become a fashion statement in the near future?
-how you ask to go "night night"...what a blessing to mommy and daddy
-how you hide in the closets often giving away your hiding spot by saying "Where's Carissa?" or "Where'd go?". I also love how you never grow tiered of us finding you.
-that you eat a wide variety of healthy foods
-the way that you hold a pencil correctly
-when you say "look" about 50o times when you want me to look at something
-how you feel safe and rarely cry when I drop you off somewhere or leave you with a sitter
I Love...
-that you are all boy. that you are broad, tough, and handsome.
-your white curly head of locks. Sometimes we call you 'Curly'. -your giggle.
-your walk, your strut, your swagger
-how you don't let bigger kids overwhelm you but instead jump right in and play
-how much you like to be 'gotten'
-your love pats
-that you love your sister "issa"
-how you are daddy's buddy
-your dance moves. You crack us up! People comment on your cool new moves all of the time!
-how you hide in the closets and can wait an unusually long time for someone to say "where'd he go?" "where's Caleb?" before revealing yourself
-how you like to snuggle muggle (for a fleeting moment) before you go to bed
-that you take long naps
-how you are an expert stacker - you can stack our soup cans higher than you are tall
-that you are a 'big helper' around the house. You love to help unload the dishwasher. I hope you still love it 10 years from now!
-that you love books
-that you eat a wide variety of healthy foods
-how you feel secure and don't cry when left in someone else's care
(huggin' our welcome bear)(Eatin' apples and...Caleb, are we mad at mom for taking so many pictures?)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Annual Church Picnic

I LOVE the Annual Labor Day Picnic. It is my favorite church activity - one that I look forward to at the end of every summer. On Sunday morning we gathered at 10am in our picnic attire for worship. Afterwards we walked across the street to the park for yummy food, fellowship and lots of fun! Carissa and Caleb thought the jumpy castle was the coolest thing ever. Here they are pictured with the Yenne girls who had fun 'helping' them.
A highlight of the event was the huge slip n' slide. Seriously, have you ever seen a slide this big? (the pics don't do it justice) It was pure entertainment to watch the sliders from the sidelines. Our very own version of 'Wipeout'!Jeff and Caleb to a minor wipout. Caleb wanted to do it again and again.

Carissa did well but had enough the first time.