Monday, July 13, 2009

Eleven Mile Reservoir

The Eleven Mile Reservoir loved it when we showed up for an enjoyable weekend of camping with the Robert's family.

4 parents, 5 little people, and 1 incubating baby=FUN!Just as we arrived at our campsite a torrential downpour forced everyone to pile in to our camper. When the rain showers didn't let up we made the best of it by making the kids 'beanie weenies' and the adults 'taco pie' for dinner. After several 'delightfully' crowded hours in the camper we called it a night and folded in early. We awoke to a beautiful sunny morning and had sunny skies the rest of the weekend. The kids were in their glory playing along the shoreline of the 'beach'.
(Sophia, Sahra Marie, Carissa, Elizabeth, Caleb)

(Carissa & Caleb 2.5 years old)

(Sophia 2.5 years old)

(Sarah Marie 5 years old)

(Elizabeth 6 years old)

(Jeff and Jack: oldies. double trouble)A wonderful weekend!

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