Monday, June 2, 2008

New Eyes = New Normal

On Friday I got a new pair of eyes! Thanks to LASIK I can now see 20/15 (clearer than 20/20).
My good friend Stacy (pictured with me left) accompanied me to Buckley Vision Institute where I experienced the new VISX CustomVue technology. Two hours later, and less than 10 minutes in the surgery room, I was seeing more clearly than I have in years.
I have considered LASIK for a long time but my fears of 'going under the knife' have held me back from pursuing it. After my personal consultation and eye exam at BVI I felt confident in moving forward with the surgery. Dr. Buckley has performed over 30,000 vision correction procedures and ranks among the top five percent of all VISX surgeons nationwide. His clinic touts a 99% success rate and offers a 20/20 money back guarantee.

What was the LASIK Procedure like?
1. The nurse gave me a mild sedative (wished it wasn't so mild, I was very nervous). Thirty minutes later she thoroughly cleaned the outside of my eyes and I put on an attractive blue hair cap upon entering the surgery room.
2. After lying down on the surgery table my lids were held open with an eye instrument to prevent blinking and my eyes were numbed with eye drops. (I couldn't believe that my eyes were numb after only one drop so I asked Dr. Buckley, 'are you sure I'm numb?' He poked my eye and said 'can you feel this?' of course I couldn't...
3. Dr. B put a device on my eye and my vision went black. A few seconds later a thin flap was created from the outer corneal layers. The flap was created blade-free which means that a laser was used instead of the older, alternate method of using a "microkeratome" blade. Creating the flap was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure. I felt like a plunger was sucking on my eye. It was a bit distressing and uncomfortable but not painful.
4. Next the laser precisely reshaped the remaining cornea beneath the flap. Dr. B instructed me to stare at a flashing light and blink my opposite eye. The laser was loud but virtually quick and painless.
5. Lastly the flap was repositioned and self-adhered within minutes. No stitches required!

When I went home I followed the Dr's orders and took a long nap (oh darn). When I awoke the fogginess had dissipated and I was seeing clearly! I am so happy with my new normal. It was well worth it.


  1. New eyes! No more glasses? I kindof liked your stylish glasses but I'm sure you're enjoying your new FREEDOM! Yippie!

  2. That's so great! Now, you have to convince Mom to do it. :)

  3. To be honest thats pretty much nasty how they touch your eye. I hate people touching my eyes as is, so kudos to you. Also nice "red eye" very attractive!

  4. How totally exciting! I didn't know you were doing this and am so happy for you!