Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blessed by the Body

Lately I have become more aware of how we have been blessed by the Body. Sometimes in the hurriedness of everyday life I take for granted the acts of kindness and love that we recieve from our brothers and sisters in Christ. This past month our family rotated sickness for about 3-4 weeks - it was less than enjoyable, truly it was pitiful. But, in the midst of fevers, runny noses, and endless coughs God showed up. He showed up in the friends and family who came over to help us with the babies (specifically the 24 hours I was bedridden with flu). He showed up in the people who brought us meals (this is a pic of the yummy Sushi that the Oh's made for us). He showed up in the people who encouraged and prayed for us. And, He showed up in Jeff and I as we served one another in the midst of being sick and tiered ourselves.
God is good and faithful. I am reminded that the Body of Christ is sweet.

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