Friday, June 6, 2008

My Niece Kelci

A frame with white ribbon weaving through the silver edges holds this special picture of my neice and I. Some of you may remember this adorable 4 year old who was the flower girl in our wedding. Her name is Kelci and she is not little anymore, she is 14. all grown up.

The past four days Kelci has been at our house to help me with the babies while Jeff is in Russia with Children's Hope Chest. We have had a fun time with the kiddos and hanging out together. During her visit I have been reminded of things that Kelci loves.
#1. She LOVES movies. Right now her favorite flick is 'Juno'. For her enjoyment I gathered a large stack of movies for her visit - a few from my friend Stacy, a couple from Netflix, and handful from the library. Kelci can watch a movie over and over again without growing tired of it. Yesterday she proved this to be true as she watched 'The Devil Wears Prada' 3 times. I believe the 3rd time she skipped through the boring parts but seriously, how many times can you watch the same movie?
#2 Kelcie LOVES boys. But what 14 year old doesn't? On Thursday during our girls night (w/ me, Kelci, Tammy & Stacy) she voted to watch 'In the Land of Women' solely because Adam Brody was the leading hottie. I admit though, he was enjoyable.
#3 Kelcie LOVES chocolate chip cookie dough. She could barely wait until dinner was over to break out the cookie dough! I personally prefer freshly baked cookies but I was outnumbered 3 to 1, so the other girls ate the dough and I baked a sheet of cookies for myself.
#4 Kelcie LOVES the color yellow. Not only does she have a lot of yellow stuff, the bands on her braces are yellow. I'd be worried about my teeth looking yellow but she doesn't care, she just likes the color yellow.
#5 Kelci LOVES shopping. During her visit we did a fair amount of shopping. When we went to the mall she went in almost every clothing store! I enjoy shopping with Kelci because it is fun to see what she thinks are the current trends. She tried to persuade me to buy a pair of jelly shoes. Hello, back to the 80's?
#6 Kelci LOVES making fun of her 'old' Aunt (me). She found my lack of knowledge about the top 100 music song charts quite amusing. I don't usually think of myself as 'old' but when she pulled up iTunes on the computer and asked me about different artists I felt pretty out of it. She did help to give me the '411' and I truly enjoyed it. I look forward to checking out these new artists!
Kelci is great with the little ones. One day we went to the park and Kelci took them down the covered twisty slide. They loved it! I tried to sport these HUGE sunglasses Kelci ordered from this site but she pulls them off much better than I do!


  1. Love the sunglasses :) I remember telling Kelci that she'd look like Cinderella to bribe her into that white dress at your wedding!! I would have eaten the sheet of baked cookies with you ... by the way ... dinner tonight was yummy! Interrupted by the fire department (more on that later) but YUMMY!

  2. I'm glad you were able to bribe her. She was soo cute that day. The wedding was awesome! I'm glad that Angie and now the kids are part of the family. :) Jon

  3. OMG! You wrote a novel, I had the coolest time with you!
    MISS YOU!!!