Thursday, June 12, 2008

52 Hours with Aunt Melanie

My Aunt Melanie came to visit me and little ones while Jeff is in Russia.
Hour 1 //After picking her up from the COS airport we headed to the 'Old Farm Park' for some fun. Aunt Melanie was hilarious going down the covered twisty slide with the kiddos. She almost got stuck!

Hour 5 // We took a scenic drive to the West of Colorado Springs in North Cheyenne Canyon Park. We ascended up Mount Baldy, the second highest mountain standing to the South of Pikes Peak and arrived at Helen Hunt Falls. The tots enjoyed walking around and taking in the big waterfall. Caleb and Carissa were highly entertained by touching the run off water from the falls.Hours 6 // We headed down the mountain to The Broadmoor, one of my favorite places in Colorado Springs. We took a walk around the pond and then settled down for a picnic dinner.
Aunt Melanie and Carissa just hangin' out and enjoying the beautiful evening.
This picture tells it all. Carissa is gracefully walking on the path while Caleb is running towards the geese. Of course Caleb arrived first. We fed the geese and their babies stale bread and occasionally Carissa would even steal a bite for herself.
Hour 25 // We took a jaunt to J.C.Penney so that Aunt Melanie could buy Caleb a pair of summer shoes. I wish I had a video for the shopping experience. Caleb was pulling shoes off of the display at breakneck speed and then throwing them in to our cart. Aunt Melanie, in her effort to distract Caleb, showed the tots 4 foam blocks to climb on. That fun ended with Caleb doing a face plant off the cubes where he achieved a nice rug burn on his left check bone. Carissa pulled her sandals off and kept repeating the word 'shoe' over and over and over. Poor girl, Aunt Melanie wanted to buy her an adorable pair of pink Sketchers but they didn't have any shoes small enough. She only wears a size 4! All in the all the shopping trip was a success. Caleb now has a fun pair of sandals. And, Carissa has a fun pair coming to her in the mail.
Hour 32 // Girls night! I got a babysitter for the tots and we headed downtown for a scrumptious dinner at the Melting Pot. We did what we do best, talk!
Hour 48 // A trip to Colorado Springs wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Garden of the Gods. We asked a young couple to take a picture of us. Amazingly, it turned out! Do you see the heart in the red rock? Apparently many people have been married in front of this natural wonder. Caleb has a new love of dogs. He's becoming a little too fearless though as he approached a Boxer dog before I could bat an eye.Hour 52 // Goodbyes and hugs. It was a special visit Aunt Melanie. Thank you.


  1. First of all .. nice job keeping track of the hours! That was impressive!

    And I'd like to borrow Aunt Melanie for myself! I could use a new pair of summer sandals and I love going down slides and feeding geese!

    And ... is that the same sweater I bought Carissa?

    Love the picture of Caleb running after the geese! He and J How would get along GREAT!

  2. I miss Aunt Melanie! Haven't seen her in years and you can tell her she still looks as young as ever. What a fun time together! It's amazing how much the kids take after you and Jeff. Like a mini Jeff and mini Angie running around! How CUTE!!