Saturday, June 14, 2008

19 Month Stats

Too busy to get the twins to their 18 month check-up on time, so here are their stats at 19 months.
20.4 Pounds, 3% (finally on the charts!)
32 1/4 Inches, 55%
18 1/2 Head, 55%
26.4 Pounds, 50%
33 3/4 Inches, 75%
18 3/4 Head, 45%
Life is fun in the Kintner home. Vocabulary skills are multiplying for both tots daily. They communicate quite well and have their own language with one another. In the past month they are exercising their independence more. Two is going to be FUN. Carissa is finally a strong walker and Caleb is practicing jumping, running and skinning his knees. Elmo has become popular in our household as the twins are LOVING sesame street and all things Elmo.


  1. Wow! Joshua only weighs 27.2 pounds and he's two weeks from being 2 1/2 years old! I need to start feeding him more ... or making him exercise less :)

  2. I like these kind of stats:

    Carissa - sparkle in eyes, little curlings of blonde hair (and 2 new pigtails), every inch of joy personified

    Caleb - adorable grin, 2 chubby cheeks, and every inch of mischief personified.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying Hi. Your twins are ADORABLE! They're just a little bit older than our little guy Ozzie. Isn't it a fun age. :)

    oh and I LOVE colorado springs... we go there every 5 years for our family reunion.

    have a great day