Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Year of '4'

Where oh where has the time gone?
And how can it be that my children turned '4' years old? (a mere 13 days ago...Nov. 8th)
It seems like such a short time ago they were just wee little ones.
And now, look at these sillies showing off their '4' fingers.
and playing peek-a-boo behind the aspen trees...two sillies definitely too sillyCaleb, also known as 'Buddy' & 'Chunk': your smile, giggles and love for life is infectious. I love your adventurous personality, inquisitive nature and curiosity about all things (even though you set the church on fire). Your sensitive spirit and gentleness towards others is a gift. And your knowledge and love for God is developing.

You love preschool, enjoy reading books, playing imaginary games with your sister, riding your bike, playing with cars, light sabers and your new remote control car.
You are a lover of candy, Rice Krispies cereal, fruit, cornbread, popcorn and elk meat.
Your favorite colors are dark blue and red. Sometimes yellow.
You love to play hard with daddy but love mommy's kisses, tackles and hum's at bedtime.

When you grow up it wouldn't surprise me if you become a scientist. Lord help me if you become a football player. Since you are so 'big' we joke that we are going to put a brick on your head to stop you from growing.

Caleb, my son, you are a true gift in my life and loved beyond words. It thrills me to be your mama. Cheers to the year of '4', may it go by slowly so I can savor you this big.My dearest daughter Carissa, also known as 'little sweetie', 'honey bunny' & 'princess': your smiles, laughter and appreciation for even the littlest of things is so endearing. Your wild imagination often leads you, your brother and other children in free play. You adore your white blanket and still love naps (most of the time!).

You exemplify a little lady in every way. You love to cook in the kitchen, wash the dishes and help mommy do the laundry. You love all things pink and purple, princess, your baby dolls, little purses and dressing-up in your costumes.
One of your favorite activities is to ballet dance in your pink ballet costume & ballet shoes while mommy plays the piano. Your expressions crack me up! It wouldn't surprise me if you pursue dance and/or the arts as a profession. Teaching is also a likely field - you like to teach others and tell them what to do!

Your tender heart towards the Lord pleases me. Every night I look forward to hearing your favorite part of the day and your sweet prayers thanking God for simple things and praying for others.

Carissa, you are my angel and loved beyond words. Whenever I ask you "who loves you" you always answer with the long list of loved ones - "mommy, daddy, nana, papa, grandma, jesus, etc..." It thrills me that you know that you are loved by God and by your family. Please Carissa, don't grow up too fast! I cherish you and these years.


  1. Such precious photos! I'm so happy for you all :) BTW: Valerie Feller had another girl this morning - Jenna Elizabeth. Babies abound at FPC! Love to you all <3

  2. Love them! Happy Birthday, C and C! You are a such a blessing!!!!