Tuesday, November 30, 2010

With Thanksgiving

After a holiday weekend full of family, friends, savory nibbles and game playing I pause again to give thanks to the One who withholds no good thing. He gives and He is good.

I am indeed grateful for the bountiful gifts of: my husband, our children, extended family, friends old and new, our church, the roof over our heads, our health, and employment. I'm also grateful for slipper socks, the warmth of the fireplace, scented candles, and freshly baked bread just to name a few.

I'm realizing the desire for my senses to be awakened to the gifts in the daily - to experience God working in even the littlest of things and to be fully present in each of them. Because God gives in the big moments and He gives in the small ones too. He gives. And gives. And gives.

For this I am a thankful Daughter of the King.

A few snapshots of our Thanksgiving weekend.Papa & Grandma with the huge bird!Cousins Kelci & Carissa
Caleb really thankful for his bread roll (he ate 4)Carissa striking a pose
and her younger cousin Olivia piercing us with the bluest eyesAnd Olivia's sister and Carissa's older cousin Kelci who is driving her own car now!
Its hard to believe that she was Carissa's age when she walked down the aisle as a flower girl in our wedding. How do they grow up so fast?A lovely holiday weekend


  1. The pictures are fabulous ... and I can't believe she's DRIVING!!!!

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