Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fire! Fire!

Caleb set the church on fire.

Yes, our dear son, aka the pastor's kid flirted with the candelabras and caught the church on fire.

The combustion happened just minutes before the start of the church service.

I was sitting at the piano wrapping up our Worship Team practice when my friend Peggy, one of the singers, yelled "FIRE!".

Completely clueless as to why she was yelling "fire" (let alone the fact that she was referring to my child) I said, "what fire?".

When I stood up from the piano bench my eyes darted to the glow on the opposite end of the stage. My curly locked son stood with his head turned down to the ground. I followed his stare and there it was...a sea of flames billowing at his feet.

Peggy, mom of 5 children (2 of them boys) ran over to Caleb while yelling to the masses "what should I do?". "Stomp it out!" they said. And within seconds Peg's church shoes stomped out the little bonfire melting the church carpet.

Meanwhile I raced over to Caleb and embraced him. He was astonished at what had occurred. He shuddered...crocodile tears fell on my shoulder.

He knew he had done wrong. He knew that his 'experiment' fizzled.

The aftermath was quick - I consoled Caleb and examined his burnt finger while the ashes were being shop vac'd. And seconds before our band started the opening song my friend Nancy, mother of 4 older PK boys gave me a word of encouragement: "Angie, don't worry, this will be just one of many fire stories throughout the years". (thanks Nancy)

After church I asked Caleb "what happened?". His answer was simple.
He wanted his paper airplane to 'Blast Off'.

And 'blast off' it did.

In an effort to entertain Caleb before the service, daddy helped Caleb fold a paper airplane from the church bulletin (Caleb has this weird fascination with the church bulletin).

In his imaginary play the airplane was 'blasting off' and flying through the air. I guess when he saw the candles he thought he could make his imaginary play come true.

Sadly I don't have any pics of the 'action'. But, Nancy said she might make me a memento with the ashes and the tiny piece of leftover airplane. If she does I'll be sure to share it with you!

In the meantime I'd love to hear any 'fire stories' from your sweet children.


  1. Oh my goodness, Angie!! This is hysterical and horrifying at the same time! So glad Caleb is okay. I don't have any fire stories *yet* from Mr. Josiah, but I DO remember my brother sending a burn streak up the side of the living room wall when he decided to "gas up" one of his battery powered lego cars by inserting part of it into the electrical socket!

  2. Would love to see pictures! My brother caught my hair on fire with a burning marshmallow ... and my mom stuck my head into the waters of Lake Erie to put out the flames!