Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Token Rudolf

Apparently Rudolf the red nosed reindeer made a smashing appearance at the staff Christmas party in Dec.
So smashing that he won 1st place in the 'crazy Christmas hat contest'. I'm telling you, I would have totally won if I would have known that there was going to be such a contest. I simply found out minutes before leaving the party when my sweet husband showed me what he had rigged up. After many giggles and me helping him to find a 'red nose' he simply handed me a traditional Santa hat to wear. It all turned out though because Rudolf's prize included a little Starbucks love!Brian (our youth pastor) and his wife Lori got 2nd and 3rd places.And Doug (counselor) and his teaching wife Jan just looked too cute for words.
Here's some of use ladies simultaneously stirring 4 pots of cheese fondue.
Bon Apetite!
A memorable evening!
I so appreciate and enjoy hanging out with our church staff!

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