Thursday, January 28, 2010

D Day

Wednesday was Decision Day. The weight on my mom Sharon's shoulders determining what her treatment would be was very heavy.

When she met with Dr. V the test results were conclusive. Leukemic cells were found in 90% of the bone marrow. Mom is not only fighting Acute Myelogenous Leukemia but also features of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia . With these findings Dr. V recommended one course of action.

The drug of choice is Clofarabine. It has been an effective treatment for patients with AML and/or ALL who have relapsed after remission. The drug is aggressive and it is her best option lest she desire the alternative...which she doesn't. We have high hopes that this drug will kill all of the bad cells and do it quickly.

Dr. V estimates that her hospital stay will be about 30 days. (we're hoping it's less!)

And I'm hoping that she will achieve remission again.

It was Jesus who gave my mom the gift of life these past 14 months. And anyone who knows her can give affirm that her life has been a testimony of God's goodness.

I know that God could choose to heal my mom completely. God has the power to erase her cancer and align all of her blood counts. It could be that He plans to and it could be that he doesn't plan to. Either way I know that my faith is being stretched and that God desires for me to trust Him during this time of trouble.

P.S. A remission report will definitely make headlines. Instead of 'D Day' it will be 'V Day' = Victory Day!

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