Monday, August 10, 2009

IV Reunion

It has been 10+ years since I finished school at NAU. A large group of us who were friends from InterVaristy Christian Fellowship met up in Flagstaff for a weekend of fun and fellowship. It was a great time to connect with old friends, meet expanding families (lots of kids!) and to celebrate God's goodness in and through our lives.

This is a group picture from the picnic on Sunday.
(Pictured from left by families: Naomi Grether, Catina Ivy and baby Joseph, Jeff & Angie Kintner and tots Carissa & Caleb, Mike & Katie Peterson, Evie and Izzy, Mike and Jessica Blair, Justin & Claire Beeler and girls, Mark Staten, Rainy & Brad Schneeflock & 5 kids, Gary Hyde, Curtis & Anna Hunt, Pete & Erin Benedict, Trevor and Chelsea Bush with Colson & Kayson, Timothy & Stephanie Richards, Nicolle Howard and family)(Mark Blair and his lovely wife Jessica)One morning we gathered for yummies at Macy's. As it was 'back in the day' it was a perfect place to hang-out and catch-up!(Peter and Curtis)

On Sunday we gathered for a picnic at Thorpe Park. Curtis was not only our Reunion planner but our Grill-er-extraordinaire. (pic by Claire Beeler)(Colson, Carissa, Lauren, Evie, Caleb)(Jeff & Brad, Rainy & Angie with their 2 year old girls)(Carissa showing off her 'boo boo' which she showed to everyone in the park, including people that we didn't know. drama queen.)
(Katie & Izzy)(Catina with her 3 month old baby boy, Angie & Carissa)
(Caleb and Evie, instant friends goofing around)(Caleb enthralled with playing in the rain)A lousy picture taken from our car of a train crossing Rt 66. Caleb and Carissa loved all of the trains that they saw, especially on the drive parallel to Rt 66 on our way to and from Northern Arizona.

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  1. Love you in purple. That shirt is super cute.
    Wish you could have sent me something from Macy's. LOVE that place.
    Did you get the lamps????