Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fossil Springs

During our trip to AZ we stayed in Strawberry for 4 days at the 'Cabin Sweet Cabin'. This small town in Northern Arizona has an elevation of 6,047 feet and lies beneath the famed Mogollon Rim.

Only 7 miles from Strawberry is the Fossil Springs Wilderness. We enjoyed two afternoons in this 11,550 acre wilderness.

I was surprised at the lushness of the creek bed because the surrounding dessert is extremely dry. The area has over thirty species of trees and shrubs and over a hundred species of birds observed in this unique habitat.

We drove down in to the canyon on a dusty dirt road to the lower parking lot. Once parked it was only a short hike to this glorious-ness. The stream gushes 20,000 gallons a minute out of a series of springs at the bottom of a 1,600 foot deep canyon. The water is incredibly clear! We could see to the bottom of the creek bed and also saw many small and medium sized fish. The kids loved swimming with the fish!Like many visitors to the Fossil Springs we swam, waded in the water, floated in the current,
and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings.One of the highlights was the rope swings. The kids enjoyed watching people swing on the ropes and jump/fall in to the water. Even though there were some younger (read, more agile)guys jumping off of the rope swings, the kids favorite 'swinger' was Daddy himself. Click on the link below and you can see a short slide show of daddy on the rope swing.

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