Monday, August 17, 2009

Cabin Sweet Cabin

We spent four days at this sah-weet cabin in Strawberry Arizona.

Courtesy of my Aunt Melanie and her hubby Jerry our family was blessed to use this cozy cabin on our family trip to AZ.

And cozy it was.

During our stay we had lots of 'porch time' in the hammock, the big swing and the white wicker rocking chairs.
Caleb and Carissa sporting their morning jammies and huge, giggly smiles
Caleb and Carissa took these pictures of Daddy with the opposite twin
Uncle B: our surprise visitor who drove 2 pizzas from my favorite joint in the Valley of the Sun. His visit was short but sah-weet.
A beloved brother, aka 'Bub' and 'Uncle B'
My mom, aka 'Nana' was able to join us for much longer than 4 hours. It was more like 4 days. She is a blessing to us all.
Another cabin activity besides 'porch time' was...

filling the bird and squirrel feeders with seeds!
of course Caleb and Carissa thought this was....sah-weet!

And next...our fun adventures at Fossil Springs



  1. Okay ... now I've heard at least 80 times ... MOMMY, THAT'S CALEB and CARISSA. Are you listening? THAT'S CALEB and CARISSA. Got it How :)

  2. Great photos!! The kids look like the happiest children on the planet! I've been praying for your mom and your family.