Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Twins First Cup of Ice Cream

During our trip to AZ my mom, aka 'Nana' took the twins to Dairy Queen for thier first cup of ice cream. True to their personalities Carissa ate her ice cream in a slow, neat, dainty-like fashion while her brother Caleb ate his at a quicker pace, a shoveling-like manner resulting in a creamy face.
Proof that Caleb's bites are not dainty. Nor are they neat.
Carissa ate about half of her ice cream. Caleb on the other hand ate all of it. When he got to the bottom of the cup he tipped his head back, drank the melted cream and said 'MORE'!

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  1. Adorable, Ang. So glad to see new pictures! Love the spinning video. The things that easily amuse kiddos!! LOVE YOU! LET's TALK SOON!!!