Sunday, November 2, 2008


All of you football fans out there know that the Denver Broncos played the Miami Dolphins today. Carissa watched some of the game with daddy - she was his little sidekick. Before long she was saying 'go go go' and 'Go Bronco's'!
Even with the 'cutest cheerleader' ever the Bronco's still couldn't get it together!

FYI...Caleb wasn't too in to the game. We attribute this to our friend Paul who has indoctrinated Caleb. Since day 2 Paul has tried to get Caleb to say 'Go Chiefs'! Oh no...not the Chiefs!


  1. Hi, Carissa! Good job on the Broncos cheer! I miss you!

    Aunt Kim

  2. You know, this is how the terrorists train their children, too. Let me know when I can come work with Caleb some more.

  3. Oh no. Not the Broncos (although we did use to live in CO) or the Chiefs (although I was born in MO) ... it's the STEELERS! Don't worry, Carissa ... I'll help you cheer for the right team!!