Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Team Recovery

Team Recovery has been at work!

After my mom had experienced more bad days I booked a last minute flight to AZ and spent a long weekend with her. It was life giving to sit with her, walk with her, pray with her and to give her hope and encouragement during this challenging time.

What's the Good News?
  • Sharon has shown significant improvement - she has increased energy and is able to walk the hospital hallway 2x daily.
  • White Blood Cell Counts are at .8 today (need to be above 4. before going home)
  • Sharon is done with TPN (IV Nutrition) and is slowly eating solid foods
  • High fever's are now intermittent which means that her body is healing from infections
During my visit Team Recovery tried to brighten her days. Saturday was 'Sassy Day'. We got her a special scarf for her naked head and we put make-up on her. She looked so cute!

(Sharon, Angie & Brian in mom's hospital room showing off her make-over! Brian and I removed our masks and held our breath for the picture!)
(We hiked a nearby mountain where we took this picture of Angie, Aunt Melanie, Angela & Brian. At the end of the hike I thought I was going to have heat stroke (100 degrees outside) but that's a different story...)At this mountain Team Recovery also put together silly video's to put a smile on mom's face. It worked! Click below to see a video of Melanie, Angie and Angela doing a 'well-rehearsed dance' celebrating her counts going up. Counts Up! Counts Up!

On Sunday my brother Brian and I spent the afternoon with mom. I am thankful for the special time we had together. It was a gift.I Love you Mom. All my heart!


  1. Love the dance! Sharon ... you look GORGEOUS! Really, really GORGEOUS! Looks like Team Recovery was a hit :)

  2. So glad to hear things are getting better. And, I love the "spirit sprinkles" you gave at the end of your song! Haha! :)