Saturday, May 3, 2008

Proud Pottier

We've got a Proud Pottier in the Kintner Clan! Today, at only 17 months old, Carissa peed in her new potty 4 times! This morning Daddy assembled the new potty chair that Nana bought Caleb and Carissa a couple of weeks ago. With curiosity Carissa wanted to try it out so Mommy sat her on the cushy seat and wah-lah a few minutes later she peed! Later she peed again, and again and again. Zip-A-Dee-Pee-Dah!


  1. YIPPIEE! Great job! J How just got pull-ups today! You're very advanced!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a good girl...way ahead of the game! Hopefully she'll stick to it .... and no more diapers! :) Congrats, Mommy.

  3. Hello cousin!!! Can I say... "I am impressed!!" Carissa looks so cute on the potty...reminds me of you when you were little!! I love the new blog and can't wait to be able to follow along! I so wish that our kiddos lived close enough to play together...Gracie would love her cousins!! Love you!! Michelle

  4. Carissa looks so happy and proud of her new achievement!

    Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful family pictures. Everyone looks great.


  5. OMG! I love Carrisa's expressions!