Monday, April 28, 2008

Twined together

Did you know?
"Twin" comes from the German word "twine" meaning "two together."

from 'Day 1' Carissa Joy and Caleb Jackson were intertwined. The best of friends, they show their love towards one another in tangible ways every day.

(9 months)
They crack each other up. Caleb is especially smitten with Carissa and thinks that she is very funny.

(11 months)
They console one another. When one twin is crying the other twin will pat the upset twin on the back or the head showing genuine concern - its like saying "I'm here, its okay". Or, one will bring the other a blanket or favorite toy. It is really sweet.

(17 months)
Lately they have been showing love through hugs. One never knows though if the sweetness will turn sour in an instant of tackling or hair pulling. Nonetheless, it is precious for a moment.

Carissa Joy (17 months)

Caleb Jackson (17 months)
symbol for "twin happiness"


  1. Yes, this made me cry! ... Nice goin'!

  2. Where were you? That places looks like tons of fun! They are getting so big! Maybe Caleb can teach J How have to have some of that "twin love" for Eli???

  3. Those, are the sweetest pictures, they must be such a blasat, I just updated my blog as well.