Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was good. I got to spend some time playing with the kiddos, some time alone on a long walk, some time to read and garden, and some prime time with my hubby over an Italian dinner. The morning began as all Sunday morning's do - a bit hurried. Jeff left for church at 7am and I rushed around like usual wishing that I had arisen from bed 20 minutes earlier. Although I was running short on time I just had to attempt a photo of the tots before leaving for church. This was fairly amusing as every time I tried to get the little people to stand together Caleb ran down the driveway.
Here's Carissa looking giving her brother a look - enough all ready, let's pose for the pic!
Despite her brother Carissa said "cheese" and gave a winning smile to melt my heart
My attempt at pictures sitting on the stairs. We know who the bossy one is - Carissa was pointing to the seat next to her telling Caleb to sit down!
Sunday Safari boy and sister gardening after an afternoon nap


  1. They are so much easier to get pictures of when they can't walk! Eli will sit and smile for hours but J How is off and running. He must have given Caleb some pointers! They sure are CUTE!!

  2. its so weird how caleb looks like papa

  3. Awhhhhhh...i love your "love story" about you and Jeffery!