Saturday, August 14, 2010


Yes, we returned from AZ about 5 weeks ago. I've been out of the blog-o-sphere but I'm back and will be posting some up-dates. In AZ we did a lot of swimming. It was great. Even if the pool felt more like a hot tub than a swimming pool!
My mom's sweet neighbor gave the kidlets these cute little beanie babies. Carissa was especially enthralled with "Spotter" the wild cat and Caleb with "Derby" the horse. Thanks Paulette!
The kids and I made a couple trips across town to hang out with this crew.
Carissa, Joshua, Eli, & Caleb had lots of fun with marbles and other toys in their basement.And had lots of fun hugging.

This is a clip of my brother, aka 'Uncle B' sharing what its like trying to have a coherent conversation over dinner with three little ones.

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