Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cabin Camping

(Nana and her three grandchildren)

As soon as our flight landed in Phoenix myself and kids were off to the beautiful Mogollon Rim area of Arizona with my mom, brother, sis-in-law, and their cute baby Kyle. We landed at a cozy cabin in Forest Lakes, home to lakes and many many tall trees.(Brian aka 'Uncle B', Nun (longtime nickname for our Mom) and Angie)
(Brian, Angela, Baby Kyle, Kalua)
Caleb was ready to go fishing from "hello cabin"No fishy bites, so after awhile he made up his own fun with a plastic zip-lock bag. He declared it as 'jello' and kept saying "I want jello, just so ya know" in a sing song voice
Carissa was more in to batting her blue beauties than fishing
Back at the cabin we just hung out, ate good food, took walks, played card games, croquet and loved on baby Kyle.
Oh yeah, and the older kids were thrilled to drive 'BIGFOOT'
On our last day Carissa and I took a hike around the Woods Canyon Lake to this area. If you look closely in the right half of the tree lines you can see a Bald Eagles Nest (approx. 5" in diameter) holding two baby eagles. We hiked back to this side of the lake where telescopes were set up to view the Eaglets in their natural habitat. It was fascinating. When we got back to our picnic area we all witnessed the mommy bald eagle swoop down into the lake, get a fish and fly it to the nesting babies. It was breathtaking.


  1. Looks gorgeous! Love that pic of Carissa on the rock!!

  2. It was great to see pictures of you and your kids, and your mom! I was transferring old VHS tapes of T-Bird choir stuff to DVD and saw you! I'm glad you were on FB so I could catch up with you! Your kids are too cute! And you haven't aged a bit! Next time you are in Phoenix please let me know, I'd love to get together with you!