Thursday, August 19, 2010


"Preschool" is back in session. The twins started on Monday.
Mommy thinks summer vacation was too short and is still not feeling ready for this new routine.

The kids think summer vacation was way too long. They were ready to go back to school after one week. literally.

One morning midway through the summer Carissa even cried for her 'little tiny baby'. I'm not saying she just shed a few tears, I'm saying she all-out wailed for her favorite little baby doll from Ms. Vicki's classroom.

C & C love learning +
C & C love playing with other children +
C & C love Ms. Vicki =
love love love preschool

Here's a couple more pics from their first day!
Here they are running to their classroom with great enthusiasm. Carissa's hiding a 'surprise' for Ms. Vicki behind her back (pictures of them for their cubby).Here's to a great year!


  1. Love that yard ... and their outfits! I am totally ready for any type of routine!!! Seriously. 2 months in limbo and I have gotten so much done with just 1 out of the house for 2.5 hours!!!

  2. It so great that the kids love school! Love the pics!