Saturday, July 10, 2010


  • Oliver Paxton. Our kids have a new cousin! Jeff's brother and his wife had a precious baby boy in late June. We went to see him at one day old. I love this sweet pic of him with his older sister Olivia and his older cousins holding his wee little body.
  • Hot Wheels Carry Case. Caleb wanted me to take a picture of his vintage hot wheels carrying case because he thinks it is cool. This hot wheels case really is vintage - it was his father's when he was a boy.
  • Skito Bites. A couple of weeks ago Caleb woke up with a huge one inch circle on his forehead. At first I thought he had bumped his head (in the night?) but then we wondered if it was an insect bite. Two days later he awoke with 8 more red circles. Redness around the site, intense swelling, and itching made for an uncomfortable child. Jeff and I finally concluded that he had giant mosquito bites. The pending question, "Why is Caleb getting bit but we aren't?" Jeff did find two mosquitoes and killed them but the next morning Caleb awoke with more bites. After a through search of the room we wondered if the humidifier might be the issue. Although we hadn't used the humidifier for several months it still had some water in the bottom of it. Could the mosquitoes be multiplying in the humidifier? It seemed possible (gross!). We did get rid of the humidifier in his room, washed and dried it and the problem seems to have improved. (yeah) Caleb has decided he doesn't like 'skitos' because they suck his blood. Poor little guy!
  • French Braids. I put in double french braids to Carissa's hair for the first time recently. She was so proud of her three stranded braids that she told everyone at church "I have french braids!" (as if they didn't know).
  • Poppy's Popped. Each year I await for the three days post pop to enjoy these blazing orange beauties.
  • We've recently had a house full of good friends visiting us. Six adults and five children make for a grand time!
  • Right now I am in Arizona with the kiddos spending time with my mom. The first week of our trip was challenging with sick kiddos but our second week has been quite enjoyable. Except of course when you step outside and your make-up melts and your skin starts to blister. That's what I call f-u-n.

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