Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Six hours after returning home from our trip to CA (more pics coming soon!) the kids were up and out the door for their first VBS.

It was love at first voyage.
Caleb was a 'ham'. Some of the stories we heard were hilarious.

Caleb and I had a conversation in the car about him yelling the songs.

Me: "Caleb, you like to sing the songs at VBS don't you?" Caleb: "yeah mom, they are really cool songs about Jesus"
Me: "I'm so glad that your excited to sing. You don't have to yell though, you can sing with a softer tone quality and still mean it" (the voice teacher in me...) Caleb: "no, I just like to sing the songs" Me: "okay honey, have fun"

When it came time for the presentation Caleb was a little less 'hammy'.

Carissa was really in to the motions. Carissa high-fiving Ms. Anna, our Children's Ministries Director.during the performances their friend Julia was their motion buddy Carissa & Caleb were in separate boats.
Even though they spent time together throughout the morning when pickup time arrived they were happy to see each other.
Carissa's class with Ms. Jan and Mr. Chris
Carissa and her sweet 2nd grade friend Maia (Maia, her siblings and parents are a part of our church home group)

VBS was a great adventure!

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