Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

Caleb and Carissa made daddy this Menu card on the Friday before Father's Day.
Daddy chose his desired menu for his Father's Day breakfast on Saturday morning. (we carved out Sat. for our main celebration since Jeff has pastoral responsibilities on Sun.) Friday night the kids and I shopped for a few presents and the groceries needed for the breakfast.

In the morning Daddy slept-in while the kids and I cooked the made-to -order breakfast. C & C sported their craft aprons and were very proud and enthusiastic about making Daddy a special meal. The kids did all of the preparations (with a little help!) so Daddy was able to sleep in for a loooonnnng time! Once breakfast was served the little cooks were hungry enough to eat the house down! Caleb downed the pancakes like pizza. No messin' around here.We ate together and then daddy opened presents and read handmade cards from the kids.

The kids told me what to write inside of their cards. "Daddy I love you because you..." and "Daddy you are special to me because..." They each came up with long lists of things they appreciate about their Daddy.

To me Father's Day is a reminder to be thankful for all ways that Jeff is a good husband and daddy every day of the year.

I feel blessed to experience life with a wonderful spouse who is my companion, playmate, and partner. I cherish him deeply and am grateful for the ways that we are growing together as lovers and parents.

As a father Jeff is very hands on and takes an active role in the upbringing of our children. I appreciate how he is truly present in our lives. Jeff has a good balance of fun and firmness. He reads many books to them, makes up funny games and encourages the children in imaginary play. They never tire of playing with dad especially when it comes to tickle time!

Caleb loves daddy to be his horsey (he loves to ride on daddy's back and get bucked off). And Carissa loves daddy to be her Prince (she loves to dance with daddy, her imaginary prince).

As we say in our home "_______ is the best!" (insert name)

And today we yell: "Daddy is the BEST!"

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