Friday, June 18, 2010

Mommy get your camera

Today the kids were being 'lovey' and said "quick mom, get your camera! We're holding hands".

This is a dream request for a mom who loves to take pictures.

Here's a few fast takes of the moment.
i love these little closed mouth twin smiles here
this captures Carissa's joyful spiritCarissa wanted me to take lots of pictures of her 'posing'.
Then the kids asked if they could take pictures. I put the camera around their necks and they took these pics of me with each of them. Good aim for 3.5 year old photographers!


  1. I LOVE the pictures the twins took of you with them! Good job Caleb and Carissa!

  2. THEY ARE PRECIOUS! See if they can get my kids to do a "holding hands" picture! I love it!