Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day began early.

There was no sleeping in, or breakfast in bed (sigh) but instead I gathered with fellow friends to rehearse the music for our Sunday morning church service.My mom begged (groveled even) for me to sing a solo during the worship service. Even with a cold (courtesy of my mother) I was grateful for the opportunity to give her that gift.Mother's and Daughter'sIn the afternoon we took a nice drive to Helen Hunt Falls, a wilderness area in North Cheyenne Canyon in western Colorado Springs.

A short while in to the hike my mom was feeling weary.

"I need to sit down for awhile," she said. "I'm tired."

We assured Weary it was okay to rest.

Sitting on a log she encouraged us to forged ahead.

Several turns later I hollered down that she was going to miss the amazing views up ahead. The little lady at my side also gave her a supportive cheer.

Towards the top, I glanced back surprised to see Weary making her way up the hill. Huffing and puffing the mountain air she put one foot in front of the other.

When we caught eyes she said, "I want see the views. I don't want to miss out".

She did it.

She didn't miss out.

Climbing that mountain was a piece of her destiny.Even my little lady shouted "Nana, you did it"!At the top a few salty tears graced our cheeks while we soaked in the views of the canyon. It was a moment of beauty, of gratefulness.


  1. I loved reading this Angie. Seeing pictures of you, your dear mamma (who I always hold dear in my heart) and your family. Thank you. What a gift.

  2. Awesome accounting of your Mother's Day! The special moments you are capturing with your Mom will be forever held precious to your heart. God is good!

  3. LOVE your dress and your mom's top ... so gorgeous! What a beautiful Mother's Day!!!