Saturday, May 29, 2010


  • Weather news: We've had gorgeous weather this week. "Hello Summer, its so nice to feel you again."
  • In entertainment news, did you know Kelli Preston, 47 and John Travolta 56 are expecting a baby? Also expecting? engaged couple Alicia Keys (her first!) and Swizz Beatz.
  • In family news my mom is functioning pretty well but continues to battle side effects from the Leukemia and/or regular chemotherapy. She has been fighting a nasty cold for about 5 weeks. Because her white blood cell counts are so low she doesn't have the immunity fighters to kick the infection. She also copes with bone pain in her lower extremities. Some days the pain is worse than others.
  • Our family flies out Tuesday for our Disneyland trip with my mom. This is her dream trip with our kids. I can't wait to experience the magic with my mom, hubby and the kids.
  • In medical news: yesterday afternoon I had a freak accident (go klutzy me). While walking down our stairway my right ankle collapsed and rolled outward. I wasn't even wearing fun shoes! Thankfully we were able to get an emergency sitter (she was here in 3 minutes tops) and Jeff took me to the doctor. After x-rays it was determined that I have an avulsion fracture. When an avulsion fracture occurs the ankle ligaments that tore pulled off a small piece of bone from its attachment site. As a result I am immobile and my ankle area is swollen with an attractive purple hue. Hoping and praying I can actually stroll Disneyland without too much pain. Please pray that it will heal quickly and that it will not impede a good time in CA!
  • We went camping last weekend at Boyd Lake State Park. We had a great time hanging out on the swim beach, taking walks and watching the kids ride their bikes round and round the campground. Even Papa Grandma joined us for a day!
  • In home decorating news: Yesterday, before the ankle accident I was having a blast giving our front door a face lift with some red paint. I'd share the finished pics but due to my ankle accident its currently mid-project - primed and ready to paint a new shade.
  • In kitchen news: I made these Nourishing Protein Bars the other day from a blog that I frequent. Try them they are delish!

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