Thursday, February 25, 2010


I'm here.

Here in Arizona.

Here in my mom's hospital room perched next to her.


It's exactly where I need to be. Where I should be.

Being here with my mom helps to alleviate the stress of being miles away. I feel more relaxed and connected to what's happening with my mom's health and wellness, or lack thereof.

I still believe Jesus gave my mom the gift of living well these past 9 months - treatment free and in remission. It is a testimony of God's goodness and my faith has been strengthened by it.

But, heavy on my heart remains my mom's current health status and all of the unknown issues facing her and us as a family. I know the inevitable result but only God knows the journey leading up to it.

Thankfully He knows all and I feel deeply loved by this truth.

Its my desire that my roots dig deep into the soil of God's love. This poem by Amy Carmichael speaks to that longing.

"Love of my heart, my stream runs dry;
O Fountain of the heavenly hills,
Love, blessed Love, to Thee I cry,
Fill all my secret hidden rills.
Waters of Love, O pour through me;
I must have Love; I must have Thee."


  1. Hi, Im Leah. what a peaceful post. not sure if you are even aware of that, but I can feel His presence all around you. I know what you mean about just needing to be there, near. What a witnes you are to non believers or those who donbt know hpow to rest in Him. Ill be back to check on you and Im adding you to my blog roll. Blessings, LA

  2. Love you, Ang ... and give your sweet mom a hug!!!

  3. I am glad you are there, Angie. I'll be praying for your time down there. Love you!