Friday, February 19, 2010


We have a heart-breaker in our family.

Carissa Joy.

On her fourth valentines day she was asked on her first date.

She doesn't remember his name but she told me that while she was at church a little boy asked her to go to 'Skate City' with him.

(she calls these her 'skating shoes')

I was cracking up because she doesn't even know what 'Skate City' is! It must be a young boy who has been introduced to the rink by an older sibling.

When Daddy came home from church she told him about the invitation. Dad responds by asking her "well what did you say back to him?"

She paused for a moment, tilts her head to side and said with a long "hmmm...I told him that I had to get bigger".

Get bigger.

the perfect answer.

And with that lead in dad reminded her that dating was a ways off.

I think we have a heart-breaker.

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  1. Oh my! I just LOVE this. AND I am always in great admiration of someone who can write so creatively. Too sweet!! :o) Kate