Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hello Sunshine

Just a few days ago I wrote about how wicked the roads were in our first snowstorm of the season.

Don't worry, were not still freezing. In fact, there's no sign of snow anywhere; its like the storm didn't even hit us.

In case you didn't know (which you probably do), Colorado weather can change very quickly.

Case in point: The high temperature on Oct. 29th was 26 °F / -3 °C. With the wind shield factor it was only 8 °F.

f f f f freezing!

But this weekend brought sunny skies and a high temperature of 68 °F / 19 °C today.

b b b beautiful!

During my afternoon walk in the neighborhood I said "hello sunshine"!

How nice it would be for these high temperatures to stay. But alas, the temperatures will probably drop again making me even more ready to walk the beaches of Mexico.


  1. why, yes we are! A late celebration of our 10 year anniversary.