Wednesday, November 4, 2009

09 Halloween

This year the tots were very excited about dressing up.

Caleb Jackson dressed up as a 'Fire Chief' aka 'Fireman'

He wore the costume for 4 days prior to Halloween.

Carissa Joy dressed up as 'Tinkerbell'

Fireman extinguishing Tink. Tink aghast.
Caleb thought he was 'big time' with his real fire extinguisher

Tink 'ding-ing' Fireman. I'm not sure what she's changing him in to but...her face is glowingOur first stop was our neighbors home - this is where the tots play while I'm teaching voice lessons
Our second stop was at the Peterson's home. Caleb and Carissa thought it was really funny to say 'Trick or Treat'. Given the reward there was no coaxing needed.
Carissa 'ding-ed' Uncle Brian (pictured above) and he turned in to a monkey! Brian was fairly believable (to a tot) and Carissa got a little scared and wouldn't turn him back. Poor Kim, she had to live with a monkey the rest of the evening!

Our third stop was our church Harvest party. Complete with a bouncy house, toddler games and food, the kids had a blast!


  1. They look adorable! and Carissa is absolutely gorgeous! Hey! so awhile ago you asked how I did the wipe case, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I'm setting up another blog, about crafts and so forth, it's not complete but I do have the directions for that on it. Here is the address.

  2. Love the costumes! Tinkerbell is GORGEOUS!

  3. I heard about Tinkerbell turning my dad into a monkey! I would've been scared, too! Looks like you all had lots of fun. :)