Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Baseball.It all started a few months ago when a good friend from church watched the tots when Jeff was out of the country. Her middle school aged son (a baseball star himself) set up a make-shift T-ball set in their backyard.

For Caleb it was love at first sight.

And since then Carissa has become pretty fond of it as well.

During our trip to AZ Jeff created the game of 'imaginary baseball' (video to come...) but in recent days we have turned the imaginary into reality...a new T-Ball set.
So, here is the new T-Ball set and Daddy coaching Caleb on how to hold the bat.the look of concentration...the look of determination...the look of a little girly girl with her first t-ball set...the look of a baseball bunny-love...and the look of Caleb and Carissa with their Daddy-O.According to Caleb and Carissa it doesn't get much better than this.

Good times.


  1. They are seriously the cutest kids EVER!!!

  2. I knew they were destined for baseball greatness ... ever since we played soccer/baseball/tennis (whatever that game was) in your backyard :) VERY CUTE!