Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hello Everyone,

Meet Kelli.
Lover of:
good times
and muffins (little people)

She has come and gone and we miss her already!

Kelli was a part of our family this Summer. She lived with us, ate with us, worked alongside Jeff as an Intern at our church and shared life with our small family on Old Farm Circle.

Kelli and I have a wee history.

Back in the day when I was the Vocal Music Director at a High School in WA, Kelli participated in choir for a year. I also worked closely with her as the vocal coach in the musical productions. And, I knew Kelli through her mom Christy, one of my good friends and colleagues whom took me under her wing as a young teacher. Her mom was one of the people who interviewed me, a fresh graduate ready to take on the world of Choral music. I was pretty gung-ho then but that's another post.

It has been wonderful getting acquainted with who Kelli is now. I have so enjoyed our many adult conversations about life, love, theology and food.

In addition to Kelli doing an internship at our church, hanging out with friends, hiking (go 14ers!)etc... she also spent time regularly with Caleb and Carissa. This was a huge blessing to our family. In addition to scheduled outings on my own, Jeff and I savored weekly date nights which gave us an opportunity to connect on deeper levels without the interruptions of little people. (not that our little people are interruptions!)

In these moments I experienced a sense of 'space' that I had been longing for since becoming a mother of two. I experienced God working within that space and in every square inch of me.

It was a wonderful and a strong reminder that in these hectic times slowing down and creating 'space' cultivates a deeper relationship with God and with others. When I slow down I find that I am a healthier and happier wife, mommy, friend and servant of God.


Here are a few pics of Kelli with the Muffin Heads.
One of the things that Kelli made-up is the 'Muffin March' - a fun way to get the Muffins to march up the stairs to bed, out the door, in the car, wherever. The 'Muffin March' is definitely here to stay!

Kelli is awesome. (one of her favorite words!)

We love her and are thankful for slice of time that she was able to spend with our family and our church community in Colorado.

Thank you Kelli-O!


  1. And she braved watching 4 under 3 ... that takes SERIOUS guts ... and skill! I bet Kelli is missed ... A LOT!