Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Sandbox

This is our new sandbox!Jeff designed and built it himself. The little ones even 'helped' from time to time. It is 4'x5', has four corner seats covered with canvas, a holder for our umbrella to provide shade on sunny days, sand, a lid, and a closing latch. So far they are loving it and I'm looking forward to many hours of future entertainment!
Thank you hubby & daddy for creating a fun place to play!


  1. We're on our way over to play! Sandboxes are so much fun!!

  2. crafty husband! do the kids just love it? yea daniel is done he is here in rexburg going to school so we see him often so that's fun. he was slack lining and broke his wrist, so that was no fun but he just got it off, so he is pretty excited.

  3. Good job, Jeff! I'm impressed! :)

  4. Hey Jeff.....You are a man with abundant and diversified talents!!!
    It is very special for you taking time to create this beautiful sandbox! FUN FUN FUN