Saturday, July 12, 2008

Melt my Heart

Tonight Carissa melted my heart...literally. After I put Carissa in her crib for bed I tidied up the room while Caleb was getting his teeth brushed. When I turned around Carissa pulled out her 'sah' (aka pacifier), made a smacking sound and leaned forward to give me a kiss. I bent down next to her and she gave me a big kiss and then extended her arms out and said "hug me". I lifted her up in my arms and we embraced neck and neck. My heart leaped as she was lOVING on me freely! It is my hope that as Carissa grows older that she will learn the importance of accepting love and showing affection in our family. Carissa, I love you with all my heart; you can hug and kiss me anytime.


  1. awhhhhhh, thats so adorable!!!
    A tear, tear moment.

    Do you want me to comment all your blogs agian?

  2. that's so sweet, those are my favorite moments, being a mom is the bestest!!