Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Holiday Breckenridge

We vacationed for a week in beautiful Breckenridge, CO. We were blessed to rent a 2 bedroom condo in Mountain Thunder Lodge from a private owner for half the rate. We spent our time walking around town, hiking, swimming and relaxing as much as possible. Caleb and Carissa enjoyed the outdoor heated swimming pool.

We went on a 2 hour hike at Boreas Pass - Bakers Tank. The views were amazing.
Carissa pointed out many yellow flowers like the one in this picture.
Papa and Grandma Kintner came to visit us for a day. Caleb and Carissa had fun riding the 'horsey' and being thrown on the couch. Lots of laughter!

While the grandparents were good for a game of 'horsey,' they were also good for babysitting! Jeff and I went on a dinner date and took a break from the little ones.

One of the highlights of the trip was the elevator. No joke. Before the elevator arrived they would command it to 'OPEN' emphasizing their request by punching the air. Caleb could reach the buttons and he delighted in pushing them. Whoever decided to put the alarm button on the bottom wasn't thinking of curious toddlers!
This is the twins sitting on the dumbwaiter in the parking garage. It was a 'tradition' every time we walked through the garage. Another day and an easier hike. We saw a fox and chipmunks ate out of our hands! Unfortunately this was the place that Caleb fell and got his first of many head wounds. A lot of blood but nothing a few wipes couldn't take care of. Five minutes later the though guy was ready for more action.

The kids had fun exploring on their own. Who knew picking tree bark could be so fun?

My little girl having fun with the camera. Jeff says that I've trained her, I think she's just a natural.

Caleb and Carissa giggling as they are tipped backwards in their stroller. "Again, Again" they squeal.
Carissa is saying 'hi' to a passerby. Shy? No, I'm afraid not.
Hanging out before heading out of Breckenridge.
We had a great time. My only disappointment was that I didn't see 'Jesse and Deanna' from the Bachelorette. Priorities, I know...maybe next time?


  1. Looks like a fun time! :) I would've been looking for Jesse and Deanna, too! Haha.

  2. Looks like fun! I think Jesse and Deanna were in LA for a Dodgers game. I saw them in the latest People magazine :)

  3. So glad you had a great vacation. It looks so beautiful there and your kiddos look adorable! Miss you!