Sunday, April 25, 2010

Keeping Posted

I haven't done a good job of posting lately. It seems that time has a way of slipping away from me.

I just realized that I didn't post about our trip to see my mom in AZ during Spring Break. Here's a sun squinting picture of she and the kids. It was a memorable trip.I also escaped for a three day trip to AZ the middle of April to be with my mom for an important Dr.'s appointment. You can read about the good news on her blog. Here we are celebrating life over lunch.During my trip to AZ I also got to celebrate my Aunt's birthday. Guess how old this diva is?I also fit in an overdue lunch with my long time friend Carrie.
And I was super excited to see her bump. Her third little bean is due to arrive mid June.Did you hear that we got hit with some wet heavy snow this weekend? Spring in the Rocky Mountains is ever changing. I'm really looking forward to warmer temperatures. I'm itching to spend lots of time outdoors, to hike more often, to garden, tend to flowers and fresh vegetables, have BBQ's and to go camping.

We've been doing some cleaning in the Kintner household. Inside and Outside. Were also working to finish up several home improvement projects that have lagged on and on. See this pic? That was taken in August. I really hope to share some finished project pictures soon!

I took Carissa to see her first stage musical last night. We saw a well done high school production of 'Once Upon a Mattress'. Carissa loved all the princesses and was perfectly attentive for a 2.5 hour production. It was a special night including a quick bite at Chik-fil-A.

That's a wrap for tonight.


  1. LOVE the blue in the bathroom ... can't wait to see the finished pictures and that belly shot ... WOWSERS! (I stole it for my blog)! Loved seeing you and your mom!!

  2. That is not the new blue in that'll just have to wait for the much happier blue coming soon.