Sunday, October 4, 2009

Helmet & Tutu

Meet Caleb, lover of all things boy.

Recently Caleb was given this red bicycle helmet by an older friend. It's as good as new and he is infatuated with it. He wanted me to take his picture wearing it. He's so proud!Meet Carissa, lover of all things girly.

Carissa doesn't have a bicycle helmet (yet) but she does have a Tutu! And when Caleb wanted his picture taken with his helmet she insisted that I click her in her fluffy Tutu.

This pic (completely unprompted) is so them.
Boy and Girl.
Helmet and Tutu.


  1. The Helmet and "The Tutu" are just too cute!
    Nana misses these two bundles of love and I want to send them my hugs!
    Your blog and our skyping keep me going in between our visits together.
    Miss you all bunches, Nana and Mom