Friday, May 22, 2009

Afghanistan Up-date

Today I received two e-mails with up-dates on the team in Kabul.

And this morning I was blessed to receive a quick phone call from Jeff. It was wonderful to hear his voice and the kids were very happy to talk to their Daddy.
This is the message from Jeff: 
"We went to church this morning (Friday is like Sunday) and had a wonderful time of worship and meeting
people. We made plans to follow up with several. Pray that we
would make the right connections and hear what God might be
saying in these conversations. Brenda still has no bag and it's
looking like it may never make it. Were recovering fine from
jet lag and so far no one has gotten sick so praise God for that.
Hope everything is going well there."


This is the message from Debbie, one of the team members in Kabul.

"Thank you for your prayers. As we landed, the announcement said "Please
return your tray tables and seats to the upright position. We wish you a safe landing." This didn't exactly give us great confidence in the airline'sconfidence in accomplishing this! We are safe and well, although we were somewhat unprepared for the level of devastation here. Rubble everywhere, raw sewage in the streets along with garbage. A majority of standing buildings have walls sprayed with bullet holes and many missing walls.

Please join us in praying for the local group here that is losing its 99-year lease on property granted many years ago to Dr. J. Christy Wilson for this purpose. The contract mysteriously disappeared. The trial is tomorrow and there is not yet someone brave enough even to interpret for the proceedings. Please pray that the all-important contract would re-appear so that there is a fair trial.

We met with others for worship and felt privileged to be among those here and the stories of those who have given their lives, some recently. The service began with instructions of how to evacuate in case of earthquake or attack. They
have a monthly drill for this purpose!

Thanks so much for remembering us here as we keep our ears and eyes open. Much to be thankful for.

Gotta give up the computer...more later."


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