Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2009 Easter

Easter 2009 was memorable. Once again, in Colorado fashion we had a 'white Easter'. This was reminiscent of Easter two years ago when we had a major blizzard and the little ones were baptized.

We attended church in the morning. In between services we snagged the kids out of the nursery for some photos in front of the lilies.

During the second service the kids attended 'big church'. They loved watching the children's song and joining in with the congregational singing. During worship the children clapped joyfully and lifted up their hands in response to what they saw around them. It was a precious and memorable moment!

We spent the afternoon celebrating the 'Risen Savior' at the Skattebo's home with friends from our church community. We enjoyed scrumptious food gathered around a beautiful table.

The twins enjoyed an Easter egg hunt courtesy of the much older kids.

Don't ask me how I managed to capture Carissa
with a mouth full of candy.
Seriously, this should have been Caleb's picture since he stuffed the contents of each egg in to his mouth immediately.
Open egg, insert candy.

Carissa on the other hand 'saved' her candy filled eggs. This caused conflict between the siblings as Caleb was ordering Carissa to 'eat it'. Clearly the child does not understand the concept of savoring his candy.

He just wants to have his cake and eat it too.

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