Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nana's Visit

We were excited to have Nana come see us during Jeff's globe trotting days. She was blessed with a free airline ticket which made it possible for her to come to CO and help me with the little ones.

Sadly though, the weather was on a cold and rainy streak and my Arizona loving mom had to resign herself to wearing scarfs and hats. Don't worry, we gave her a hard time about it. We went for a picnic in the 'Garden of the God's'. The tots loved running on the bridge.Nana sent her old keyboard to the kids in hopes that one of them becomes a prodigy. No pressure kids.And, we had some fun times at the park.And the YMCA poolA visit from Nana wouldn't be complete without a special home manicure! This time Nana got crazy and bought nail polish in Carissa's favorite color - purple!It was a wonderful visit from Nana. We created wonderful memories.

Thank you Nana. We love you THIIIIIIIIS much!


  1. beautiful pictures! Looks like a great visit!

  2. Oh my goodness!! your family is too cute!!

  3. Nana ... you're hair is SO CUTE! I love the curls!!! What great memories ... and I, for one, LOVE Nana's hat! I might just have to go borrow that from her.